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Christmas is here and this means that our chocolate truffles are back on the menu. This year's favorites are the black chocolate with honey, white chocolate with a caramelized heart of lime, the cashew praline and the intense black chocolate with Phu Quoc black pepper. We also have a new 80% chocolate bar with honey and bee pollen - no sugar! Christmas never tasted so good…


Our homemade banana bread is now better than ever – thanks to La Petite Epicerie Saigon's selection of Vietnamese jams. A staff favorite is their delicious guava-lemongrass combo, mango-ginger is another strong contender, or if you cannot have enough banana – the super scrumptious banana-chocolate jam. All served on our new custom made plates.


Say hi to our newcomer on the menu - Ca Phe Sura Bo. It’s a creamy milkshake with generous amounts of strong Vietnamese robusta coffee, a dash of cinnamon, avocado, fresh milk and a little bit of condensed milk to top it all up. Perfect for breakfast, or whenever you need a refreshing fuel for the body. Come and try!


We are very happy to finally be able to offer a 100% natural bug & mosquito repellent in our farmshop. The spray is formulated from witch hazel and citronella, lemongrass, peppermint and lavender essential oils - and with no alcohol or chemicals such as DEET added. It will leave a pleasant smell around you and keep those mosquitos at a distance. Suitable for the sensitive skin as well as for babies. Made by our friends at Savon de Saigon.


It's like Christmas every time we receive a box from our favorite pottery designer, HeyCamelBazaar in Saigon. Today he sent us this brand new item - the dot saucer - which comes in many different shapes and dots… A beautiful piece of art, as always. And in a very limited edition, as always…


Saigon Charlie's 100% natural smoked chili sauces are now available in Hoi An - at your favorite café and farm shop of course! There are three different kinds of sauces: The Hot Hué is, of course, Huuueeeey hot, while Hanoi is a smokey Northern version of classic Vietnamese chili sauce, and Sweet Saigon offer a perfect balance between sweet and heat. Come and feel the fire!

Breaking news: Our homemade chocolate truffles are finally here. The super spicy chili is something of a staff favorite, but ginger, cinnamon, rhum and mint are quite delicious too :-) Come and enjoy!

We are so proud to be the first place outside of HCMC to have Saigon Cider on the menu. This handcrafted strong real is truly one of its kind, brewed and bottled in Saigon and available in three delicious flavours: cinnamon & vanilla, ginger and chilli. Peace, love and apples everyone!

THE SEA SHELL (AN BANG VILLAGE, NEAR AN BANG BEACH) This newly opened restaurant with French-Vietnamese comfort food on the menu is a real gem - and our best kept secret. So please, don't tell anyone about the place, just go there and enjoy the tranquil garden while the madam serves you her homemade patés and a gorgeous pork-filled squid with a perfectly balanced tomato sauce. Happiness on a lunch plate!

The tac season haven't really started yet, so we were very thrilled to find this super fruit at the market today, packed with 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes and 10 times more beta carotene than carrots. Now, back to the juice station and create some deep-red super juices. Come and try!

AN BANG BEACH Sure, Cua Dai Beach have a lot more street food vendors serving cheap seafood just by the water (especially around sunset). But still, our favorite beach in Hoi An is without a doubt An Bang. Never over-crowded, always peaceful and surprisingly pristine. It seems to go on forever, or at least all the way to Da Nang, and that's why it's so perfect for early morning power walks. After a two hour walk we always reward ourselves with a ca phe sua da at Soul Kitchen, the best beach restaurant in town.
BABY MUSTARD (TRA QUE HERB VILLAGE) For the most amazing garden-to-plate experience, jump on your bike and head to Baby Mustard in the herb village Tra Que, 10 minutes outside of Hoi An. Ms Nguyet's little restaurant is an oasis right in the middle of the crops, and you can watch your salad being picked after you've made your order. We go here every week - for the green mango salad, the beautiful squid salad, the grilled mackerel and the perfectly crispy spring rolls with cashew nuts.
Running a juice bar means that every morning is a fruit and veggie shopping morning. Cho Hoi An, the main market in the old town, is a fun and crazy experience, but we prefer the slightly smaller Cho Tan An, just outside the city centre. The vibe is a little more quiet here, the ladies a little less stressed and almost all the veggies come from the nearby herb village Tra Que. It doesn't get much fresher.
CHOI HAI SAN (568 HA BA TRUNG) This seafood joint have only been open for a couple of weeks, still it looks amazingly run down and messy. That's quite an interior art! Their kitchen is also creating art with the super fresh seafood. Like this bbq-oozing plate of ngheu bien clams. topped with peanuts of course. Always peanuts. happy clam day everyone!
Created by perfumer Laurent Severac from Grasse, Aromasia in Ha Noi is our favorite artisan spice, honey, tea and liqueur maker. Don't miss the large selection of flavors in our farm shop.
Welcome to Cocobox, a rustic café, juice bar and farm shop – right in the middle of Hoi An’s ancient town. Our aim with Cocobox is to create the kind of place that we always love to discover on our own travels around the world, but never really found in Central Vietnam: a friendly café with passion for organic and local produce, creative juices, excellent coffee and the shelves filled ﷯ with products from a handpicked selection of local producers. At Cocobox, you can sit down with a smoothie and a Vietnamese take of a chicken pesto sandwich while watching the hustle and bustle on the street. For a quick fuel for the body, you can have a cold pressed juice or cappuccino, made of beans from Da Lat, along with a chocolate ginger truffle from our own chocolatier. Or perhaps you decide to bring home a beautiful bottle of coffee flower honey from the highlands as a memory of your time in Vietnam. So again, welcome to our house and enjoy the flavors of Vietnam.
JUICE BAR & CAFE We don’t want to brag. We are just honest – and proud – when we say that Cocobox have the most extensive juice menu in the whole of Central Vietnam. What makes our juices so magical is that the fruits and vegetables are slowly and gently squeezed. This pressing action, often called ”cold pressed”, doesn’t heat or oxidize the produce like traditional high-speed juicers. The result is a nutritionally packed live﷯ juice that is stunning to taste and with all its enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital elements preserved. In addition to our juices, we have a large selection of creative smoothies and blends, homemade coconut milk, tea and chocolate drinks. Our delicious coffee is Vietnamese of course, produced in the heights of Da Lat, and the mineral water comes from Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs in Hue. Our assortment of bread, cookies, tarts and chocolate truffles are all made in our own bakery. Please check the blackboards for the breads of the day, but be assured that we always have a wide choice of freshly made sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. All to be enjoyed in our cosy café, or as take-away if you are eager to explore the streets of Hoi An’s old town. FARM SHOP We love edible souvenirs more than hammocks and tailor-made suits. That’s the simple reason why we decided to fill the shelves in our farm shop with unique products made by small and passionate producers around Vietnam, many of them organic and fairtrade. As the ﷯supply is continuously changing, we are not able to list any products here, but you will always find a handpicked selection of the very best honey, coffee, tea, spices, coconut oil and even some liqueurs. We also have a few non-edible products such as body butters, massage oils, tea pots and locally made design items. If you have any questions about our products, please call us on +84 (0)510 3862 000 or email FIND US
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Opening Times

Everyday From 7:00 to 22:00

    94 Le Loi
    42 Le Loi
    95 Nguyen Thai Hoc
    Hoi An's ancient town

    Tel +84 (0)510 3862 0000

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